3 Lipsticks Colors that you Want to Have this Fall

This season, make sure you have some (or all) of the three colors offered by autumn palette of cosmetics.

What three lipsticks should find their place in your dressing case for the upcoming season?

Brown lips in the style of the ’90s

Lips in the cocoa color that marked the past decade of the 90 th year again hit among the ladies.

Cold or warm brown tones, with a matte or gloss finish is a little full hit for this fall, with a little bronzer or blush in a copper tint.


Lip in plums color

Is there something more reminiscent of autumn azure dark plums and grapes? Purple tints have won all.

Apply lipstick with perfect precision and make bold beauty. Combine with black ink and a nice prominent eyelashes.


Lipstick in warm shades of peach

The gentle coral shade is here to remind us of the beauty and splendor which we leave summer behind.

Proof that this subtle peach color is not designed just for spring or summer is that it continues to be worn in the fall.

Dramatic eyes great complement to the gentle-looking lips.


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