7 Unusual Ways to Use Kitchen Sponges that you haven’t Tried yet

kitchen sponges

An ordinary kitchen sponges can be used in more ways than you might think.

Here’s to what you can use the kitchen sponge, except for dishwashing.

Fostering houseplants

If you often  use means for the leaves of your houseplants to shine, it can clog pores and leaves them harm. Instead of using such funds soak sponge. Wipe the leaves of houseplants with a damp sponge and it will be enough for the leaves to be clean and shiny.

Treatment of fever

Moisten a clean sponge with cool water and place it on the forehead, the neck, the back of the head, or some other place where you feel the temperature. Moisture from the sponge will gradually evaporate, and your body temperature will then be lowered.

Prevention of too rapid dissolution of soap

Have you ever noticed that the bottom of your soap is too melted? The next time you notice that, switch your soap on a sponge, instead of holding it in the soap dish. This will make your soap dry quickly and will last longer.

Maintaining freshness of vegetables

Put a few new kitchen sponges in the fridge, in a drawer where you keep the vegetables. After some time, the sponge will absorb excess moisture from the drawer, and should be periodically squeeze. In this way, the vegetables longer retain their freshness and firmness.

Cleaning pet hair from furniture

We all love our pets, but we can not say the same about their hairs that remain on furniture. To resolve this problem, slightly moisten the sponge and wipe it clothing or upholstery where they gathered the hair of your pet.

Help during pedicure

To avoid smearing of nail polish during pedicure, cut sponge into pieces and each of them put it between your fingers. So fingers will be separated from each other while the paint is completely dry.

Sponges like little ice coating

When someone hits you and appears Bump or bruises, recommended holding a cold compress on the injured part. When such injuries in a small area, it’s nice to take advantage of a small ice pack only on the injured part of the body was exposed to the cold.

To create such a liner, cut the sponge into pieces of desired size, moisten them and freeze. When frozen, they can be immediately put on the sore spot.

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