Do you Know how Normal Moles Should Look Like? This Could Save Your Life

normal moles

The skin is an organ in the body that actually suffers a lot. Bruises, moles,burns, blisters and cuts – our skin is treated to preserve our internal organs.

Warts, freckles and moles may warn you that something is wrong. It is important to know how healthy mole should look like. Get to know the ABCs of skin cancer.

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A. Asymmetry

Normal benign mole that is shown on the left side should be fairly symmetrical shape. Both sides look the same. In the case of melanoma cancerous moles are usually irregular in shape, such as mole shown on the right.

B. Color

Pay attention to the color of your moles. Normal harmless moles have a color that does not change the bulge. Melanoma can identify the part because of its colors and shades. The colors may be a sign that this is something malicious.

R. Edges

Moles who are not carcinogenic have smooth edges. Their outlines are clearly defined. Melanoma, on the other hand, often has vague and ragged edges, have no clear form.

D. Diameter

Benign moles are often small, no larger than the eraser on a pencil. If you notice that mole grows, it can be a sign of melanoma and should be examined by a doctor.

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C. Changes

Follow if there are any changes in normal moles. Changes in the size, color and shape are the first signs. If you notice that the moles suddenly began to change, contact your doctor immediately.

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