Your Feet are Burning Before Going to Bed? Here’s What you Can do!


What should you do if your feet “burn” before bedtime – it is necessary to do a few things before going to bed, read here about it!

Probably have already guessed why you have that burning sensation in the feet before going to bed, it is because circulation!

But also neuropathy can have a very big role in this, but what is most commonly associated with this condition is – poor circulation.

There are several treatments that could help to improve circulation and blood flow, as they are very important!

It is necessary to mix two tablespoons of turmeric with water to make a paste and apply twice a day.

The only discomfort is that turmeric can color your skin yellow.

Tips if you have an uneasy feeling:

– Do not wear shoes without socks

– Rest your legs as often as possible

– Avoid alcohol

– Eat more foods containing essential fatty acids.

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