If You Have One of these Nail Conditions Immediately Seek Medical Help, You May Have Nail Cancer

Nail Cancer

Every summer doctors remind us to use sunscreen and react to every change that will appear on the skin. Otherwise, if we are not careful, we can get potentially deadly skin cancer. But have you heard that someone has nail cancer.

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Unfortunately. Although this happens quite rarely, all cancers that attack the skin can also develop on nails on fingers and toes.

Nail Cancer

In fact, the tumor does not develops on the nail, but in the tissue under the nail plate. Often it occurs a light brown line under the nail, then slowly spread until it becomes thick line that is thicker and darker.

However, not any strange phenomenon is a sign of nail cancer. In many cases the lack of some vitamins in the body or it could be some mechanical damage.

Also, some of the changes in color and texture of the nails may indicate heavy metal poisoning, a lack of oxygen in the blood, problems in the work of the kidneys, and other dangerous diseases.

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Therefore, as soon as you notice a change in nails, schedule a doctor appointment. Whatever the condition it is, if spotted in the right time, the chances of finding the right solution is much bigger.

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