SHOCKING NEW STUDY: This Food Sweetener is Actually a Powerful Pesticide


Truvia sweetener, consisting of 99.5% erythritol (a sugar alcohol) and 0.5% rebiane, an extract from stevia plants.

A shocking new study published in the journal PLUS ONE revealed that Truvia, alternative sweetener that is produced from food giant Cargill, potential insecticide that kills fruit flies that eat it.

The study found that fruit flies that normally live between 39 and 51 days, die in less than a week when consuming erythritol.

Erythritol is so frequently received indirectly from genetically modified maize.Cargill has received a complaint because Truvia id marked as a “natural product”, and it is in fact true during the fermentation process in which yeasts feed genetically modified corn maltodextrin.

Otherwise, there is verified erythritol non GMO origin, but says it pyure Brands from Florida.

Pyure Brands offers alternative sweeteners on the market of healthy food, and their products are approved for USDA Organic and verified by the Non-GMO Project.

The story about the properties of insecticides Truvia attracted great public attention. Even CBS News, the mainstream media, which rarely covers the dangers of food additives, is conveyed by publishing this story:Erythritol, a major component of the sweetener Truvia has a new and unexpected use – can be used as an insecticide … The researchers found that fruit flies were fed with food with erythritol or Truvia and died much earlier than flies who ate other sweeteners.

“The more they eat, the faster they die,” said biology professor, Sean O’Donnell from Drexel University in Philadelphia for CBS News.

Fruit flies were also subjected to tests with sucrose and corn syrup, but these sweeteners have been killed. Only erythritol had a toxic effect on the flies. He influenced locomotor coordination flies.

FDA has approved Truvia for human consumption. Although again, the FDA approved aspartame, and so that it is not some credibility.

Sugar alcohols are widely consumed by millions of people, but that did not guarantee their safety, because VIOXX was also consumed by millions of people (of which tens of thousands died from a heart attack).

I still do not know whether to blame for the toxic effect of erythritol or perhaps amidst GMO association. An interesting study was the examination of GMO erythritol versus regular erythritol, to determine whether differences.

Many scientists say that erythritol is perfectly safe for people and that only selectively toxic to insects due to their different physiology.

This story would then have a happy ending: erythritol could be used as a natural pesticide to replace toxic chemicals sold by companies such as Monsanto and DuPont.

Imagine a natural plant-based pesticide that could be sprayed on crops to kill insects, and yet to be harmless to humans and do not cause any side effects.

Otherwise, the idea for this study came from a boy in the sixth grade, proving once again that science is accessible to everyone, including children.

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