This Village Without Roads Is Straight Out Of A Fairy Tale Book

village without roads

This village without roads is straight out of a fairy tale book. It’s called the Venice of Holland.

At first glance this wonderful Dutch village looks like some place from fairytales, but believe that for many years people live here and enjoy all the beauty offered by this place.

Residents of this fantastic little place in the Netherlands have the opportunity to enjoy through these romantic channels that must sail to reach their homes, workplaces, schools.

The whole city is built on a network of low-channels that are completely real, and they are a real attraction for tourists who visit this place.

Giethoorn was founded by refugees from the Mediterranean region around 1230, and became famous in 1958 when the famous musical/comedy Fanfare was shot.

This place has managed to preserve the beauty and authenticity of the Dutch village since the 18th – century, so many today describe as the the “Venice of Holland” or the “Venice of the North”.

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